Responsible Company

The basis of sustainable development for any company is to reconcile its economic performance, its social responsibilities and respect for the environment.

Aware of these issues, the Mr.Bricolage Group has defined the objectives to meet them in all its activities.

The Mr.Bricolage Group uses a responsible business approach with the following values : proximity, helpfulness and solidarity.


Environmentally friendly products

Products in our stores must meet the primary needs of customers : quality, safety, performance and profitability. But compliance with environmental criteria must become an essential need for our customers. This compliance involves reducing the impact on the environment throughout the life cycle of the product : from its creation, through its use phase, to its processing once it becomes waste..


A responsible management policy for our wood supplies

The Mr.Bricolage Group has implemented a policy of promoting wood products from forests or plantations that respect the principles of sustainable wood management. For this approach, the Group relies on the competent associations in this field which have set strict guidelines.

Compliance with these standards is shown by the presence of a label on the packaging of the products concerned. These labels certify to consumers that the wood used comes from a forest or plantation that respects the principles of sustainable wood management.

As a distributor of wood products, Mr.Bricolage is committed to contributing to the improvement of the sector by taking into account the environmental and social issues related to forest products. To take concrete action on its potential impact and meet the expectations of its customers, Mr.Bricolage has drawn up a wood purchasing policy based on four commitments :

  • evaluate all our supplies by carrying out a mapping and risk analysis ;
  • select responsibly sourced wood from certified plantations or forests ; 
  • support all our suppliers, our stores and our customers in taking ownership of these issues; 
  • master the monitoring of our commitments by updating our policy based on current events.

The partnerships concluded with Earthworm , FSC©, PEFC™ make it possible to ensure the sustainability of this policy both for internal actions (when referencing products) and for​ actions in the field (development of environmentally friendly sources of supply).

Mr.Bricolage carries out, in partnership with PEFC, DIY workshops in store. It is an opportunity to discuss with our customers the responsible management of our forest resources.


Environmental analysis of our products

All of the ranges of products offered in the Mr.Bricolage network are included in the goal of reducing their impact on the environment and respecting the populations on the manufacturing sites. The specifications for referencing products with suppliers have been improved to strengthen the requirements in these areas.

Mr.Bricolage involves its employees by raising their awareness of environmental issues. Our buyers have been trained in product-specific issues. Data collection and environmental assessment tools have been developed and are gradually being rolled out to several product lines in order to identify their environmental risks. The results are used to open dialogue with suppliers to modify the design and manufacture of products sold to our customers.

Adapted and efficient stores

The store is the point of access for consumers to our products. Customers looking for a product must be able to find their way around easily. Customers looking for information must be able to get advice from available and competent advisers. Our stores must be designed to allow them to be operated in complete safety for customers and staff, and with a focus on energy performance and optimised waste management.


In order to make sure that energy consumption at points of sale is appropriate for the activities taking place, diagnostic studies relating to energy needs have been carried out on a representative panel of stores.


After mapping out the different points of consumption, a specific study was made into existing technology in areas such as lighting or heating.


All this information has been collected in a “Good Practices Guide” for the points of sale. With this guide, managers have useful information that is always adapted to their store concept.

Promoting waste sorting

Even if efforts have been made to reduce transport packaging, a store still produces waste. Mr.Bricolage has raised awareness at its sites to improve waste management. This improvements involves sorting various types of recoverable waste, such as cardboard, plastic or wood. This waste is no longer simply returned to approved waste centres but sorted directly on site so that it can be sent to recovery facilities in order to give it a second life.


Controlled management also involves providing various waste recycling channels for our customers. We encourage them to bring back used batteries and accumulators, lamps or electrical equipment. Mr.Bricolage is a partner of approved eco-organisations that are responsible for collecting and processing this waste. They ensure that each store can benefit from collection solutions adapted to meet the needs of their customers.