About the Mr.Bricolage Group

Independent business leader

Mr.Bricolage is a group of independent member contractors, specialising in renovation and home and garden decoration. We are a popular brand with 87% brand recognition (source IFOP May 2019), appreciated by our customers and our partners.

3 years ago our Group embarked on a major transformation in order to become the undisputed neighbourhood leader in our market.

With a strong focus on proximity, the Group has already exceeded its target of 1,000 points of sale and 100 stores for the concept. To ensure that everyone in France is less than twenty minutes away from a Mr Bricolage store, the Group is continuing its dynamic development.

Growth of the Mr.Bricolage group is based on a multi-brand, multi-format and multi-channel offer.

In response to the changing expectations of its customers, Mr.Bricolage SA invests in its neighbourhoods through :

  • its brands: Mr.Bricolage and Briconautes
  • its affiliate status without a brand
  • its online store: www.mr-bricolage.fr

Networking the territory, managing networks and developing multi-channel commerce are at the heart of the development model of the Mr.Bricolage Group.

A group based in France and abroad

As of 30 June 2023 :

  • 1003 points of sale, under brand names or affiliated
  • 331 stores under the Mr.Bricolage trade name (318 in mainland France and 13 in the French Overseas Territories)
  • 76 stores under the Mr.Bricolage trade name in 11 countries : 
    • Andorre (1), Belgique (44), Bulgaria (12), Cyprus (1), Ivory Coast (1), Gabon (2), Kosovo (1), Macedonia (1), Madagascar (1), Morocco (9), Mauritius (2).
  • 104 stores under the Briconautes trade name
  • 492 Le Club affiliated stores

Mr.Bricolage has what it takes to succeed. The positioning of the group's brands remains centred on proximity to independent traders. This positioning has been inscribed in the DNA of the group since its origin in 1965. Historically, the two flagship departments of the Mr.Bricolage brand are decoration and the garden. These markets are supported by a trend toward interior and exterior home decoration.

The Mr.Bricolage Group, which manages the well-known brands Mr.Bricolage and Les Briconautes, is the specialist in independent local DIY trade in France, as of June 30th 2023, with 1003 points of sale, under trade names or affiliated.

Be the benchmark for local independent traders

2023 outlook for the Mr.Bricolage Group

In 2023, the Group will deploy the 1Pacte plan to strengthen its competitiveness and meet the challenges of responsible growth with the following objectives :

  • Continue to grow the network of branded and affiliated stores, in France and internationally :
  • Closer support to member entrepreneurs of the network with modernising their 
    stores according to the Store Concept;
  • Continue and accelerate the human transformation of teams and networks.
Given the current economic context (increasing interest rates, inflation affecting household buying power, tensions on raw material and energy prices, Russian-Ukrainian conflict). Mr.Bricolage Group continues to contemplate a less favourable market environment in 2023 than during the three previous years. The 1Pacte plan provides for an increased investment burden linked to its implementation. The Group, which gained in agility over the past few years, could adapt if the conditions change for the worse and is remaining especially vigilant as regards the market, consumers’ behaviours and the group development plan.
However, the Group relies on solid fundamentals, clearly defined goals, and is giving itself the means to strengthen its competitiveness and continue on its growth trajectory. The change in profitability ratios will take into account the investments planned under the 1Pact 2022-2025 plan. 


total stores within Mr.Bricolage Group
Mr.Bricolage branded stores in France
Mr.Bricolage stores abroad in 11 countries
Le Club affiliated stores in France
Briconautes branded stores in France
Billion euros of turnover incl. taxes in 2022