Leadership and governance


Christophe Mistou

Christophe Mistou has been Managing Director of the Mr.Bricolage Group since March 2016.

He has more than 25 years of experience leading various departments in a large European DIY group. He developed his in-store experience before assuming responsibilities in various areas related to purchasing and product supply.


Richard Letourmy

Richard Letourmy is Secretary General in charge of legal affairs, risk prevention, sustainable development and the employee environment.

Hervé Onfray

Hervé Onfray is the Sales & Marketing Manager of the Mr.Bricolage brand. He is in charge of the Purchasing, Sourcing, Supply chain and Marketing-Communication departments.

He has extensive expertise in the supply, purchasing and development of international brands acquired within leading distribution or industrial groups.

Chantal Guilmain

Chantal Guilmain is Director of Digital Development and Information Systems. She is in charge of developing the e-commerce strategy of the Mr.Bricolage Group (multi-brand and international), of strengthening the visibility of the brand on all digital channels, of improving the customer experience and of supporting the company in its digital transformation. She has more than 20 years of experience in various retail chains.

Sabine de Bartillat

Sabine de Bartillat is Concept and Development Director for France. Supported by her teams, she is responsible for the development of the Mr Bricolage network throughout France. Her objective is to place a store within 20 minutes of every French citizen and to improve the performance of the concept. A lawyer by education, Sabine has spent her entire career in distribution.

Christian Couvreur

Christian Couvreur is Director of Networks (Mr.Bricolage - Briconautes and Affiliated Companies) in charge of defining and implementing the goals for the networks, while developing synergies.

Anne-Claire Moyer

Anne-Claire Moyer is Director of Group Transformation and Corporate Communication. She manages the transformation strategy on a daily basis, both at the head office and in the subsidiaries, as well as in the network, by managing the Recruitment, People Development and Training teams. At the same time, she defines and implements the Corporate Communication strategy. After 10 years of experience in communication, she joined the Mr.Bricolage Group in 2009.

Laetitia Pinault

Laetitia Pinault is the Director of International and Overseas. In a context where international represent a significant part of the Group's activity, Laetitia's objective is to continue the development of the Group outside France, marking the brand's desire to accelerate work in this area.

Dominique Vasseur

Dominique Vasseur is Director of Strategy and Planning for the Group. He works closely with all departments to ensure the consistency and fluidity of the actions implemented. He is an expert in managing ambitious and complex projects.

Grégory Clipet

Grégory Clipet is the Administrative and Finance Director. With solid experience in management control, acquired in particular within the Mr.Bricolage Group, he ensures that the financial balances of all the Group's entities are maintained and identifies with them the main levers for growth and development.




Paul Cassignol

Chairman of the Mr.Bricolage Group

Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director 







Didier Julien

Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors and representative of SIMB


Christine Monier

Independent Director 


Thierry Blosse







Jean-Louis Blanchard



Sylvie Moreau

Representative of SIFI, Director


Françoise Perriolat

Independent Director


David Simon