New recruits...


Personnel are the number one resource of our company: the recruitment of personnel is therefore a real challenge.

We consider that diversity is an undeniable strength and have no standard recruitment profiles for that very reason. We are looking for keen applicants with a preference for trade. We look at your potential above all, and your desire to invest time and energy in our Group, rather than your diplomas.


We pay close attention to our new members of personnel. The future involvement, motivation and loyalty of our teams depends on a successful integration.

We therefore insist on a carefully prepared arrival for new recruits, a warm welcome and the provision of all the information they may need to take on their new tasks.

Mr Bricolage has a buddy system which is part of the integration period and ensures the new recruit receives support from day one with the Group.


The Mr Bricolage Group policy promotes the development of the skills and performances of personnel. The group is particularly committed to supporting its managers. All Mr Bricolage managers receive the appropriate training.

This training policy meets expectations: 9,500 employees are trained each year.

Training on the key values and priorities of Mr Bricolage is organised each year. Our dedicated training body, IFOGECO, is available for teams and to meet field requirements as far as possible.

Internal mobility

We aim to encourage the development of internal potential by supporting the ambitions of our employees.

We listen to our employees, involve them in store development and encourage them to achieve high standards in their sectors, thereby ensuring customer satisfaction.

At Mr Bricolage, we take the time to discuss the future and professional ambitions of our personnel at annual interviews or at individual internal mobility interviews.
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